The blog is a traditional means of communication

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The blog is a traditional means of communication

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TOOLS TO PROMOTE THE CSR OF YOUR COMPANY BLOG: It is very useful to have this communication channel as an extra section on your company's website. , but it is always good to maintain a hybrid format to provide information to the consumer, although the greatest dedication usually occurs in social networks.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: It is one of the marketing methods that works best today and is gaining ground over other advertising channels. "Influencers Country Email List are people who have a very loyal target audience and who trust everything they recommend, so the message that person is going to give about your brand is very powerful and will generate sales.


" PRESS: This is closely linked to the previous point because working with influencers also gives you the opportunity for the media that have them on file and talk about them, name your brand and you can make yourself known to a broader audience or even different from the one that already owns your business.

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