Successful landing page examples

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Successful landing page examples

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Advertising banners, webinars, email marketing automation, social media promotions, SEO, content marketing. You invest in a variety of digital marketing channels to get in front of new audiences and drive traffic back to your website.

There are so many elements that a top-notch landing page needs, and making those elements the “best” can often depend on what your landing page goals are.

A good, persuasive landing page attracts visitors' attention and leads them to complete many conversions, so learn how you can create a successful one with these simple tips and some examples.

Clear and straightforward landing page for conversion:
On this landing Phone Number List page we have a title that talks about a common pain point for the public, schedule flexibility. We also have an image that people can identify with and, highlighted, the three biggest reasons to convert.

A great point to draw from here is clear and concise text. A text with correct grammar and that is easy to understand is extremely important so that the message is easily understood by visitors.

Finally, we have a form placed at the top of the page, impossible to miss. This also gives visitors the option to convert immediately if they choose.


Clean and subtle, but very objective landing page:
We see on this landing page that minimalism is a great option. The text, simple, with a few words, and the objective form are right in the middle of the screen and contrast well with the darker background, making it clear what the focus is.

The header asks a question that the target audience understands well, and the CTA provides the answer. Actions well targeted at your persona (or ideal audience) are one of the most important points on a successful landing page.

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