what marketing strategy is behind this cinematic "confrontation

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what marketing strategy is behind this cinematic "confrontation

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Back to school is one of the great advertising opportunities of the year for advertisers and, once the school year is over, advertisers have to implement their strategies to take advantage of contact opportunities through mobile phones for back to school buyers. . For this reason, Adsmovil has shared an analysis of the profile of back-to-school buyers in Spain. This season is starting earlier and earlier, and consumers are more likely to research products before buying them (58.8%)

And compare the best deals (55.8%). In addition, 60% say that they are more willing to complete a purchase if shipping is free , just as 45% say that they would be more Phone Number List motivated to complete that purchase if it has coupons or discounts , and 39.3% say that they use loyalty or rewards programs. At a time when rising prices are a concern for most consumers, it is essential that brands recognize the importance of attracting consumers by offering them deals this back to school.


Additionally, these offers not only appeal to shoppers' interest in saving, but create a positive shopping experience that can foster consumer loyalty and generate sales. When it comes to discovering new brands and products , although online search engines (34.5%) and retail websites (29.8%) are very relevant in the habits of back-to-school shoppers, word-of-mouth recommendations Word of mouth from friends and family remains the top source of brand discovery at 36.2%.

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