Learn how to create a development plan for your employees

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Learn how to create a development plan for your employees

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The PDI, Individual Development Plan, is a valuable tool for improving an employee's skills and defining which steps they must take to achieve their final career objective. For the growth of any company, it is essential that employees feel not only engaged with the goals, objectives and purpose of the corporation, but also be able to visualize their own professional development within the organization. In this article, you will understand the concept of PDI, its importance and how to create it effectively to leverage the communication and development of your employees. What is a PDI? The PDI , or Individual Development Plan , works as a kind of map where all the goals for an employee's career are outlined in the short, medium and long term, establishing which is the best path he can follow during his professional journey within the company.

This document is nothing more than Phone Number List the formalization of an employee's professional objectives within the company, whether for a position promotion or assignment of a new function, it doesn't matter — the PDI is career planning, that is, a direction for all the actions that individual needs to take to achieve their expectations. As the name implies, the PDI is an individual development plan, that is, it must be drawn up individually with each employee. Therefore, it is important that the leadership or manager clearly understands that employee's goals and desires for the future, and takes them into consideration when assigning specific tasks and responsibilities for each stage towards their final objective. Check out: What is knowledge management and why is it important to apply it to your business See also: Corporate University: How to build a high-impact corporate learning program Why is developing an IDP for your employees so important.


Adhering to the PDI as a professional development methodology within your company has a relevant impact on various internal aspects of the company, but mainly demonstrates a concern and genuine commitment by the corporation to boosting the career of its employees. After all, this attention to the professional goals and ambitions of each employee does not go unnoticed by them, who feel supported and motivated to build, day after day, their own dream career within the company. Check out some of the main benefits that drawing up an IDP can bring to both employees and the corporation: Improvement in productivity and internal engagement , after all, drawing up the Individual Development Plan for each of your employees is a very effective tactic to encourage that individual to further improve their own skills, in addition to boosting their determination in the company's daily life to achieve the final objective recorded in the PDI.

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