It is also worth using various ways to obtain

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It is also worth using various ways to obtain

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However, the most effective option is online requests. Find a place for them on the company's website. Also, send an email to your customers with a satisfaction survey. Automate your feedback. Any request should of course be professional. Don't suggest to buyers that you expect a positive Google review. Better say that you want to constantly improve the quality of your services, so you are interested in their opinion.

You can use the Rating Captain application to automate the acquisition of opinions, which will notify you in real time about a new opinion and facilitate online reputation management. In Rating Captain you Phone Number List will find invitations asking for feedback that you can adapt to the visual identity of your brand. In addition, the platform will analyze each opinion in terms of sentiment, thanks to which you can check the degree and reasons for dis satisfaction of your customers.


This, in turn, will allow you to make better business decisions. Make it easy to leave reviews on Google. First of all, make sure that leaving a Google review requires a single click from the customer. You can generate a short link to your business card or add a redirect button to the survey. Thanks to this, users of Google maps will not have to spend more than a minute on this activity. Send a feedback request in good time. The customer must still remember you when they get it. At the same time, it is worth giving him a moment to test the product.

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